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A1 Materials has a wide selection of concrete to choose from to address the various needs of both our residential and commercial clients. When you contact our offices, our concrete professionals will work with you to put together the correct type of concrete for your project. Our ready-mix concrete is affordable, easy to install, and comes in a variety of colors for your convenience. Below you will find a couple of our most popular services and products.

Ready Mix Concrete

At our San Carlos batch plant, our concrete mixing specialists consistently create high quality ready mix concrete to make sure that you are working with the best materials possible. We can batch mix designs according to the preferences and specific requirements of our clients.

Ready Mix Delivery

The professionals at A1 Materials use the latest in concrete delivery technology to efficiently transport your mix. By using equipment such as a transit mixer, we make sure that the quality of your product is always of the highest quality!

Concrete Colors

If you would like beautifully colored concrete for sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other pavements and structures, then choose from our selection of 40 standard Davis Colors. Additionally, you may create a customized hue by matching any of the Davis Colors to other company color specs.

Landscape Concrete

Protect your home’s landscape with our landscape concrete mixes. Our materials are built to last, and are specifically batched to resist corrosion and breakage.

Sidewalk Concrete

Sidewalk concrete is a popular material choice for creating walkways, and the pouring of the mix is a large contributing factor to the appeal of the final product. Trust our concrete pouring specialists to help you achieve the walkway you’re looking for.

Swimming Pool Concrete

Concrete swimming pools are a highly-sought luxury, and A1 Materials can provide mixes that satisfy you both aesthetically and functionally. Our durable swimming pool concrete will resist water-damage and cracks.


At A1 Materials, we know that foundations must be durable and long-lasting, and our ready mix concrete is ideal for resisting the stresses exerted by buildings. Trust our concrete delivery professionals to pour your foundation mix.


Similar to building sidewalks and walkways, the appearance of a concrete driveway is largely determined by the precision with which the mix is poured. For a functional, aesthetically pleasing driveway, contact A1 Materials for our professional concrete delivery services.

If you are about to start a new project that requires concrete, contact our offices at (650) 298-0900 today for a free estimate!

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